Chocolate Sheets

One item I rarely splurge on is new sheets.  I had three or four sets for my bed but somehow I found myself down to one. It grew tiresome to wash my one set and have to wait for them to be dried to remake my bed. I decided to take the plunge and order a new set. I love floral patterns but after glancing through the Kohl’s catalog I noticed florals were not in high demand. Very plain colors seem to be quite popular.  From past experience I knew buying below a 350 thread count would not provide me with the comfort I desire so my thought was to purchase a set with a 400 thread count.  The color choices ranged from linen to chocolate with a few pinkish colors in between. I am not overly fond of light colored sheets but thought the chocolate would be too dark. I checked out the SONOMA  brand and they had a earth colored but not in the size I needed. I noticed that they did have my size in the 500 thread count. A bit steeper in price but I knew if I waited to find cheaper ones I would end up not buying any. The color is a rich brown closer in tone to a chocolate than an earth color and they are heavenly to sleep on.  The only drawback is I dream of chocolate every night but there are worse things one can dream of. I would love to get at least one more set for my bed but think I will wait for a sale.


Struggling through February

February has been a tough month both physically and mentally. It began with a battle between my sinuses and myself and I lost. That bout was not quite over when a tooth abscess sent me to the emergency room.  The strong antibiotics that were prescribed work wonderfully. Too wonderfully for I was warned that it may kill the good bacteria in my intestinal tract. Hopefully that will not happen but since the medication is bothering my stomach I will have to keep careful watch of any symptoms.

All this sickness has lead to me avoiding blogging.  Once a week blogging should not be a difficult goal but it is easy to sway from any goals when procrastination has always been my preferred mode of operation.  I am not even sure if wordpress is where my blog home is going to eventually end up. I have no followers here and follow no blogs that call this site home. I have finally figured out how to keep track of blogs I am following over at Blogger.

Post a week slump

With only minutes remaining for the month of January I have to admit to myself that I am not putting a great deal of effort into my blogging. I have not devoted enough time to playing with the different blogging options and have basically been doing the bare minimum to qualify has blogging.

I need to define what my objectives regarding blogging are.  I do like writing and I enjoy when people read an essay I have written and compliment me on it. My on going battle with depression limits my brain functioning so my ultimate goal is to write more than what I did in 2009. That will not be a hard goal to beat. I believe if I can get into the habit of writing perhaps it will become easier for the words to flow. I do not have any followers now and that is not even a concern at this point in time.  If I can acquire a following of at least ten by mid year I will be happy. When I start blogging with quality content I shall begin seeking out followers. For now I will be happy to ramble to myself.

Learning To Blog

Perhaps a better title for this would be “Adventures in Blogging”. I have been reading blogs for a few years and made a few small attempts at starting my own. This year, with or without followers I am sticking with this blog and learning how to set it up little by little. It is a bit discouraging to not have any readers but it is a learning process. Maybe by the end of the year I will discover how to make a blog successful or I may discover that wordpress is not a venue I prefer. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by how to add widgets. I thought it would be an easier process but am finding it a bit complicated. I am not giving it up yet!

Immenient Death

What a dilemma!  One hour of life left! My first reaction would be disbelief which of course would waste valuable time. It is only a short amount of time and I would want to see or talk to as many of my children as possible.  I know speech and actions would be frantic and not make much sense. Knowing contact could not be made with all my loved ones I would spend the last moments remembering special moments spent with them. The final moments I would spent in prayer or meditation. I would hope that if this situation ever arose I would be able to maintain some sense of calm because each second would indeed be precious.

Title Selection

Selecting the best title for an item has always been an issue for me. For some reason my creative juices can flow all over the body of the article but freeze up when it comes time to plug in a title. I think part of the reason I have this problem is because I am too honest. A good title should be descriptive with a touch of exaggeration to pull the reader in. I always feel that if my title does not hold up to what the reader expected they will be disappointed and stop reading anything else I may write.  One of my goals this year is to become more comfortable with the process of selecting a title.

Text me please!

Texting is one of the best things that has come along since sliced bread. In most instances I would prefer to text than talk. I have ADHD and can be rather impulsive. Texting allows me to slow down my response and think about what it is that I want to say. It also gives me the option of saving what someone has said to me. Always handy to have this feature when someone is claiming they never said a certain something to you. Of course there are disadvantages to texting. One being you don’t get to hear the tone in someone’s voice which can lead one to take a joke the wrong way. I still like the advantage of being able to take my time and write out my response.

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